Jethro Banda studied Demography and Economics at the University of Malawi. He is currently working on Rapid Mortality Mobile Phone Surveys (RAMMPS), a multi-country project exploring the feasibility of different methods for estimating mortality in places of limited official data.  Before this, he worked on several projects including contributing to MEIRU’s COVID-19 response (COVID-19 Research – MEIRU) measuring trends in COVID-19 related knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in Malawi.  Before joining MEIRU in 2019, Jethro worked with Story Workshop Educational Trust contributing to their research and M&E activities. His research interests are wide and still developing, currently focusing on formal and social demography, health and wellbeing, behavior change and survey methodology.


Jethro Banda, Albert N. Dube, Sarah Brumfield, Abena S. Amoah, Amelia C. Crampin, Georges Reniers, Stéphane Helleringer. (2021). Knowledge, risk perceptions, and behaviors related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malawi. Demographic Research 44(20): 459-480; doi:

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Jethro Banda, Albert N. Dube, Sarah Brumfield, Amelia C. Crampin, Georges Reniers, Abena S. Amoah, Stéphane Helleringer. Controlling the first wave of the COVID–19 pandemic in Malawi: results from a panel study, medRxiv 2021.02.21.21251597; doi: