Jullita Kenala Malava is a research scientist. Her background is professional nursing and she is also a public health specialist. She has a master’s degree in public health and a bachelor’s degree in nursing science from University of Malawi; College of Medicine and Kamuzu College of Nursing respectively. Jullita previously worked with University of North Carolina as a team leader research nurse on clinical research mostly infectious diseases. She joined MEIRU in 2015 and led a large cluster randomized trial; the Cooking and Pneumonia Study (CAPS).

Whilst at MEIRU Jullita has led a number of studies both qualitative and quantitative in nature, especially clinical based studies.  Her main interests are in mental health care and research specifically maternal and child care and implementation science. She is currently working on clinical and population based research studies in the area of non-communicable diseases including mental health; Generation Malawi as Karonga site lead. She is also coordinating the Northern region sites for a UNC-MEIRU subcontracted project, the Sub Sahara Africa Regional Partnership (SHARP) for mental health capacity building project where she forms part of external quality assurance team as well as conducting problem solving therapy (Friendship Bench) trainings and counselling. Additionally, Jullita is working towards finalizing a pilot study on implementation science: Exploring the facilitators and barriers of integrating common perinatal mental disorders screening and management into maternal and child health care settings.


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Sub-Saharan Africa Region Partnership for Mental Health Capacity Building (barriers and facilitators to implementation research on integration of common Perinatal Mental Disorders screening and management in maternal and child care settings