MEIRU Social Sciences Team

MEIRU has a strong interdisciplinary team of Social Scientists from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. The team uses its expertise in sociology, psychology, demography, political science, anthropology and economics to contribute to and shape MEIRU’s research portfolio. They specialise in using their broad base of social sciences to:

  1. Understand health-related challenges in Malawi;
  2. Design and implement interventions that respond effectively to these challenges;
  3. Evaluate the implementation of health interventions; and
  4. Engage the public, policy makers, civil society organisations and health care professionals in evidence-based dialogue to improve health in Malawi.

The team works with a wide range of international partners from across Africa, Europe,  America and Asia. They hold seminars on a quarterly basis at which team members and guest speakers present work of relevance to MEIRU’s research portfolio. 

Team Leads: Nozga Phiri and Dr Chris Bunn