Prof. Amelia (Mia) Crampin

Prof. Amelia (Mia) Crampin is the Director of MEIRU, with oversight of the scientific activities, laboratories and data management across

Dr Thandile Gondwe

Dr Abena Amoah is Science Programme Manager at MEIRU’s Karonga campus where she has oversight over research activities.

Owen Nkoka, BSc MSc PhD ACMI

Owen Nkoka is Cohort Manager and Epidemiologist at MEIRU. He oversees the Healthy Lives Malawi Project

Albert Lazarous Nkhata Dube, BAH, MSc

Albert Lazarous Nkhata Dube, BAH, MSc; Research Manager for Healthy Lives Malawi

Louis Banda

Louis Banda is the Laboratory Manager for MEIRU, responsible for day to day running of the laboratory research work both in Lilongwe

Laurence Tembo

Laurence Tembo is the Finance Manager for MEIRU. Laurence is responsible for financial management 

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