Wisdom Nakanga is a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Edinburgh and the Project Manager for the Generation Malawi study at MEIRU. He trained in medicine at the University of Malawi and completed his PhD in Medical Studies at the University of Exeter, UK. His dissertation, titled “Accuracy and utility of fasting and stimulated glucose in sub-Saharan Africa”, represented a wide-ranging set of epidemiological and experimental studies looking at the role of the oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) in diagnosing diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance and gestational diabetes and was supervised by Professors Andrew T. Hattersley, Rob C. Andrews, and Moffat J. Nyirenda. He is interested in non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa, researching to understand better and curb their epidemiology and develop pragmatic and realistic solutions and interventions to the challenges we face regarding these diseases.

Selected Publications

  • Nakanga, W.P., et al., Waist circumference and glycaemia are strong predictors of progression to diabetes in individuals with prediabetes in sub-Saharan Africa: 4-year prospective cohort study in Malawi. medRxiv, 2022: p. 2022.10.18.22281222.
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