Prof Amelia (Mia) Crampin graduated MBCHB from Manchester Medical School and completed internships and clinical and pathology rotations in Manchester. After a DTM&H at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, she became interested in Public Health and Epidemiology and joined a Public Health Specialist Registrar rotation in South East London, including secondments to Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre at (now) Public Health England and a Masters in Public Health at St Georges, London. On completing specialist training, through an appointment at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, in 1998 she took up a field epidemiologist post at the Karonga Prevention Study (now Malawi Epidemiology and Intervention Research Unit- MEIRU) and has been living and working in Malawi since; currently as Director of MEIRU. MEIRU has urban and rural study platforms  in Lilongwe and Karonga, and includes a demographic surveillance site in rural Karonga. In 2018, she joined the Institute of Health and Wellbeing as part of a partnership agreement between the University of Glasgow and MEIRU.

She has published widely in the epidemiology of HIV and TB, but current work explores chronic conditions in Malawi, including hypertension, diabetes, obesity and depression. Her work includes epidemiology and mechanistic studies of the origins of chronic conditions, but also interventions; from community based interventions aimed at reducing cardiovascular risk for future generations to those aimed at improving management in clinical settings. She is involved in several large data sharing initiatives and is the principal investigator of the African Non-communicable Disease Longitudinal data Alliance (ANDLA).

Selected Grants

  • Research Enrichment – Public Engagement – Healthy Lives Malawi: an intergenerational chronic conditions cohort
    Wellcome Trust
    2021 – 2024
  • SARS-CoV-2 seroepidemiology in Wellcome-funded urban and rural cohorts in Malawi: generating evidence to inform regional medium and long term decision making
    Wellcome Trust
    2020 – 2022
  • Multimorbidity in Africa – Increasing Understanding of the Patient Experience and Epidemiology (MAfricaEE)
    Medical Research Council
    2020 – 2021
  • Healthy Lives – Malawi, Intergenerational family cohort of chronic conditions
    Wellcome Trust
    2019 – 2024
    National Institute for Health Research
    2018 – 2021
  • NIHR Global Health Research Group on estimating the prevalence, quality and life, economic and societal impact of arthritis in Tanzania: a mixed methods study at University of Glasgow
    National Institute for Health Research
    2018 – 2022

Selected Publications

Banda, J., Dube, A., Brumfield, S., Amoah, A., Crampin, A. , Reniers, G. and Helleringer, S. (2021) Knowledge, risk perceptions and behaviors related to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malawi. Demographic Research, 44, pp. 459-480. (doi: 10.4054/DemRes.2021.44.20)

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