Owen Nkoka is a Research Associate Cohort Manager at the University of Glasgow, seconded as an epidemiologist at MEIRU. He leads the Wellcome Trust funded Healthy Lives Malawi project – both the Demographic Surveillance System and the nested Long-Term Conditions Survey. He also co-leads an HLM-related Public Engagement work package focusing on primary school children to help them explore the role of their parents’ health and childhood environment on future health. Owen has a BSc degree in Environmental Health from the University of Malawi. He holds an MSc and a PhD in Public Health (Epidemiology) from Taipei Medical University, Taiwan.  Owen is also a certified project manager for development professionals (PMD Pro I) and an associate of the chartered management institute.

Prior to joining the University of Glasgow/MEIRU, Owen worked for several international organisations such as World Vision and Sightsavers implementing public health programs focusing on maternal and child health. He also worked as a Biostatistics Teaching assistant at Taipei Medical University and a Research Assistant at the same university on projects covering maternal and child health.


  1. Crampin A, Nkoka O, Stewart R, Matchado A, Bunn C, Nyirenda D, Phiri N, Abdulla S, Seth-Smith J, Todd H, Amoah A. Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Award: Healthy Lives Malawi Longitudinal Population Study. Wellcome Trust. £245,520.00. 01/02/21 – 31/7/24

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